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Incorrect, the demonstrations

Incorrect, the demonstrations of micro evolution show the functions that permit macro evolution.

If A=B
and B=C
then A=C

The functions required for micro evolution are the same as those required for macro evolution. The functions have been extensively shown to exist and so too has been documented some record of change through time of migrating species, further verified by genetic information.

If as much evidence in favor of evolution existed instead in favor of intelligent design, I'd be on your side. There's no evidence though. Intelligent design is just creationism with more advanced excuses. Currently it's the massive horde of evidence for evolution including a number of our sciences that rely on it, including medical sciences that have benefited from it... and on the other side are some people who will say basically anything to distract from the evidence that exists. "Well, show me a monkey turning into a man," is essentially the burden of proof you require except you dress it up a little more.
At some point, as the sciences advance, enough proofs will exist to invalidate this new iteration of creationism and creationists will be pushed back into an even smaller gap of unanswered questions to point to and say, "Well maybe this gap is god... you haven't explained that away yet!" I wonder if it will ever end?