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just maybe

you people don't understand the magnitude of the fraud? Sure, he could have maybe spoke up more about the fraud, and he did just do that on a few occasions. If he was folding up why didn't he ever endorse Romney? He never did because he knows he had the numbers and he had won. Just recently he was on Stossel and he flat out said that he was doing well in Iowa and that he had this "wild" dream that he had actually WON Iowa. He knows he won Iowa, and he knows the fraud was prevalent, and he also knows his limitations. Many times during his interviews you can visibly see he had a cold. The man is in his 70's, going from state to state, from county to county and people here still have the nerve to question his integrity or his desire to win.
Dr. Ron Paul is a great man and forever will be a great man. His legacy is sealed because this movement is not going away. The youth is educated now and they will not let go of these principles. Dr. Paul has done everything he could to save this country and MORE, much MORE. Lets see all these complainers and naysayers fight against tyranny in their 70's. Ron Paul in the end will be remembered as a founding father. The people that heard the message can not un-hear it. In that we have won the future