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Thanks For Posting

I keep bringing up the need for a paradigm shift here and the hundredth monkey effect on DP and have wondered if anyone else knew or cared about them. I see the need for a paradigm shift in the masses as the only way we will ever see real change both here in the US and worldwide. It is happening thanks to the net but I find it frustrating that so many "enlightened" people still seem to be stuck in the old paradigms that we have all had pounded into our heads that teaches that we need to take over the political system in order to fight against the tyranny that is our government and that being successful requires having new shiny things and big houses and so on. There are a lot of other thought beliefs that need to change too like how we think about jobs, food, medicine etc that once changed would free us from the current mess we are in and from being indebted to the bankers, government and corporations that feed off of us.