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Comment: You don't have freedom.

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You don't have freedom.

If you can't defend your individual rights.

PERIOD. There is no "epic battle" of hearts and minds.

WHEN for example... a cop has to spend two hours with you at the side of the road... along with having to monopolize the services of 4-10 other cops... preferably for another two hours... then you can drag them through a court process that lasts years... making them all have to take time off from bringing in more revenue to defend themselves...

When... for example... EVERYONE HERE READING THIS... DOES THIS... and doesn't just pay the ticket to avoid the hassle... "government" will start to "get it" - but we get the GOVERNMENT WE DESERVE.

We have the NUMBERS WE NEED RIGHT NOW to end this... if just right now every self-professed "conservative" decided they were not going to enable this DESIGNED TO FAIL system any longer... we could END THIS INSANITY and restore constitutional government - almost overnight.