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Comment: I watched this video yesterday...

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I watched this video yesterday...

I had to think about my response, so I gave myself 24 hours. I still feel the same way I did 24 hours ago. How could a parent watch as their child is being abused by an adult just to get from point A to point B? If you are not willing to get between an abusive adult and your child, I don't think much of you as a parent. Lest you think I'm unfair, I feel the same way about all the videos I see of parents watching as adults traumatize their children (I don't care who the adults are...).

I've had to get between abusive adults and my children a few times when they were growing up. Let me give you an example. My child was in her second year of college, when a hall monitor found her and 4 of her friends in a dorm room a few minutes after midnight, they were studying for a test (the hall monitor admitted this). The rules are clear all students are to be in their own rooms after midnight. My child accepted the "ticket" for being in the room after midnight and when she decided to leave the room to go back to her room, the hall monitor put his hands on her to prevent her from leaving, he wasn't done with her. When she told me about this, my first call was to the head of security, who happened to be a former Marine. I made it very clear, if she violated the rules, she had to take responsibility for her actions. But, if I ever found out that someone put their hands on her uninvited again, her father and I would be in his office and I could guarantee him we weren't going to be happy campers. In the end, my child accepted responsibility for breaking the rules, and the hall monitor was dismissed.

As parents, if we aren't willing to get between abusive adults and our children, who are we willing to get between? I'd lay down my life for my children and if we as parents aren't willing to accept this, we don't deserve to be parents. Standing up to adult bullies isn't all that hard. Once you make the choice, these bullies turn into jello. Try it.

Nothing is worth what this child went through (or any child for that matter). Had it been me, I would have taken my child out of the airport. If they decided to call the cops, so be it, I did the right thing. In case you think I'm a keyboard commando, I've taken on a TSA agent with a Napoleon complex, in the end, I didn't miss my flight.