Comment: Who will lead the way?

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Who will lead the way?

After much deliberation I have come to the following conclusion; I am not interested in a leader. Few have failed to impress me enough for me to follow them. I will take this matter into my own hands and I shall be my own leader.

While I am at it I have decided that I also do not want to be a part of any movement. I will be my own movement. It will be a movement of one, led by me. It might be a bumpy ride and I might have to stop off along the way and ask for directions every now and again, but it will be a fun ride and there will be no leader or movement to tell me what to do.

As far as what I am doing to achieve the goals I have… I have infiltrated the economics department at my school, and after two years of saying the same thing over and over in as many different ways as I possibly could I have made a breakthrough. Two of my professors have changed their curriculum to include information from End the Fed and The Creature from Jekyll Island.

My persistence has spilled over into the literature department where Theodore Dreiser is finally being taken seriously as his Cowperwood Trilogy has been added to some syllabi. For those of you who will reply by saying “but Theodore Dreiser was anti-capitalism,” you are correct. That is what he thought he was, however if you have read the whole Cowperwood Trilogy you understand that the world Dreiser creates is one based on plain old crony capitalism, and in an absurd twist of irony as much Dreiser would probably roll over in his grave if he read this, he makes a great case for free market principles. Now students will read these books and be faced with the harsh reality that even in the world of fictitious literature, economic structures matter and can really be quite interesting. I will be graduating early, Thursday to be exact and my only regret is not getting Ayn Rand’s theories on objectivism more face time in the philosophy department. The economics department took a lot of my attention and energy as the bastards were damn near communists when I started working on them.

That is what I am doing in my movement of 1 led by me.

And to those of you searching for a leader; do not simply fall for a charismatic speaker. History has shown us that charismatic speakers are quite capable of leaving deep wounds.