Comment: Stop Focusing So Much On Rand

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Stop Focusing So Much On Rand

You seem to really need someone to follow. Personally, I don't. I don't think liberty can be won by putting all hope and focus on a person or group. Liberty and freedom has to be won one person at a time. It must be very frustrating for you to keep hoping a savior will step up and save us all from tyranny. YOU have to be the savior. I have to be the savior. WE ALL have to be the saviors of freedom! Spend more time trying to educate anyone you can and less time worrying about who's going to be the next symbolic puppet in the whitehouse. The whitehouse is just more of the matrix of BS. Learn to grow your own food, learn to live off the grid, learn to build housing without debt, learn to keep healthy without doctors, learn to be self-sufficient and pass that info on. THAT is what will save us. Not some douchebag politician. I believe in Ron Paul but he is doing a greater good by waking up the youth that have been indoctrinated than he ever could have done as president. STOP BEING BRAINWASHED with the need for politicians to save you! Can't you see that by staying in that parameter of thought that you are still enslaved to tptb? THEY are the ones that want us all to think that voting is the answer, that government is the be all and that we MUST have a fearless leader up there championing our cause. Break away from that and use your energy to make REAL change by LIVING free instead of waiting for someone to give you freedom!