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Common law

The common law is quite simple. In common law, if you have not injured another party's person, property or reputation, then the "plaintiff" has no cause of action against you. It does not matter if the plaintiff is government or your neighbor. The definition of common law in Black's 4th is "without the aid of statute". And in common law, there are no offenses against the state. Everyone has the right to judicial proceedings in accordance to the common law. When anyone goes to court and does not claim that right, then they acquiesce (meaning to agree). A common law court is also known as a "court of record". And the court is independent of the magistrate(the judge). Any proceedings not in accordance to the common law can be re-tried in a court of record de novo (new trial). A jury IS NOT EVIDENCE OF A COURT OF RECORD. Juries also exist in courts "not of record", but are merely advisory. So, requesting a jury is not the solution. Demanding a court of record in accordance to the common law is the solution. You will see government suddenly remember that an injury is required when anyone sues the government and they claim they have no jurisdiction. Most actions against government only involve an injury that you already acquiesced to because you stood by and allowed a statutory court to do their thing. Everyone needs to know these things, start reading.