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I was wondering how long it would take

for someone to notice my signature haha. I thought this was an interesting thread, but it was quickly becoming boring because everyone was on the same side. I wanted to see if everyone knows their side as well as they think they do when faced with a barrage of progressive fallacies. I think arguments are one of the best teaching tools out there, at least in my case.

Tom Woods gives a great talk about child labor, and how it disappeared due to underlying increases in the productivity of workers, not legislation. He even gave an example of somewhere where they tried to legislate it away before the economic groundwork was there, and it jut resulted in children starving to death or entering prostitution, because in many cases these children represented 1/4 of the family's income, which is quite substantial when you're living meal to meal.

You make a good point about how government tends to jump on the bandwagon of these things and then take credit for starting the whole movement. This also conveniently ignores all the other times when the government was using force to maintain things like slavery and Jim Crow laws.

Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito