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My comment pointed out that there are two

sets of property rights in conflict. You never mention the women's. I laid out a long list of the women's rights that are impeded upon by having a baby. No comment on those? And again in your quest to condemn a murderer you forgot to mention that two humans are necessary to create the baby. The man is apparently free from guilt in your world.

I do not find any reason for guilt in having a drink, loving power, or money. As long as the NAP is being observed. If the above interferes with the NAP than I would feel guilt.

I also do not know that life begins at conception. I do not have memories before I was three. I never met someone that did. You seem to know full well exactly when life begins.

In an ideal world we could save all fetuses, whenever they become one. But the world is not yet ideal in that respect. Soon technology will most likely eliminate this problem.

I find it ironic that the majority of the staunch anti-abortion crowd are generally men. It is ironic because men are nearly always the more sexually obsessed, the pursuers of sexual affairs, the consumers of 90% (guess) of porn, 95% (guess) of prostitutes, and in my experience in want (or need as they tell me) of sex 24/7. Now do not think I am making a judgement by that statement. It is merely a generic observation. As long as they are not violating NAP I am fine with it. But the fact that this thread will have only a couple brave women on it is proof. Just like the lovely jrd below me, she is far more intelligent than I for simply "giving me a nod of solidarity", and then scramming. Ya gotta love her for that! She is very clever. THANKS, jrd. The point being, here, is that I wished men would look at this in a more complicated way, instead of just blaming the women for it. And if you read below, besides the kewl jrd's comment, the women is always to blame. I even saw women blaming women for having sex below.

I hate abortion. But for now there are two sets of rights involved in this very complicated situation so I can only try to put myself in the shoes of someone that wants one. Which in many cases are men.

And, btw, women don't innately know where babies come from. I am sure there are lots of cases where young ladies were either forced or participated in something they knew nothing about. Those are the very people my comment was about. And after that, it again would not be innate knowledge that an early term abortion is murder. Most young ladies in this situation would have absolutely no idea except for the ones with parents that believe that. When their parents and boyfriend all say, "just get an abortion, it's all right", how are they supposed to know anything but that???