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Your pushing evolution propganda

Not actual evolution teaching

1. Evolution obviously has an element of chance in it, when critters have sex the male releases 4 or 5 million sperm, only one fertilizes the egg, there is an element of chance in that. You have a school of fish a whale comes in there and eats a third, there is an element of chance in that. You have two creatures, male and female of the same species, that are genetically capable of breeding the new evolutionary best, whether they meet or not is up to evolution. You have the best ever specimen of a particular species but he dies at 2 weeks old because he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Chance must make a particularly large portion of the evolution world view, even if natural selection is considered to make things evolve chance has a part to play in there. Furthermore I dont understand why natural selection is considered part of evolution when it has clearly been shown when a creature that is different than the rest of its species does not get to mate, for example an albino whale, or a zebra with awkward looking stripes. Natural selection has always been shown to keep the species the same not change them in any way, much less significant way.

2. I was taught in school that the first mammal was a squirrel like creature. I was taught in school that lucy was our ancestor and that lucy was an ape like creature. I think we can assume that evolutionary biologist will say that somewhere between the squirrel like creature and the ape like creature there must have been a monkey like creature.

3. Yes and no it depends who you talk to on the issue. There are a lot of people who believe evolution an are atheist because "God is bad, so I dont believe in God" and believe that way so they can do what they want to. Then there are others who genuinely believe in evolution, Depending on why you believe in evolution changes what evolution says about the purpose of life.

4. Telling others the truth is commanded by Jesus. Telling others that Jesus is the only way to Heaven, is loving your neighbor, particularly if you believe Jesus is the only way to Heaven.