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Another way to look at it...

Is that even if it was by chance, it's inevitable. To explain, consider what the 'chance' is of flipping a coin to a heads. It's 50/50 so there's only a chance that it will happen in one flip. It's the same chance in two flips and ten and a thousand. After 1,000 flips which all showed tails, the odds of the next flip being heads is still 50/50.

However, it's not practical. Ask the christians what the odds of flipping 1 E+100 coins (a one plus 100 zeros after it) and having all of them go tails. That's the odds of life NOT happening from all the perfect circumstances that have happened in all the seconds of all the days of all the billions of years of all the planets in all the solar systems of all the galaxies of all the universes.

Extending this to the natural selection, it's not near as high of probability but then again, it a perfectly logical scientific phenomenon too. Same for cell duplication (splitting), DNA inception, enzymes and amoebas and all the other quarky stuff in biology.

And they claim it's us that dismisses prior to doing research.