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Comment: I appreciate that you stood

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I appreciate that you stood

I appreciate that you stood up for your daughter, I appreciate that you made a video and shared it, but... They made their money. How many FRNs did you give to the airlines so that they may continue to fund the sexual assault on people?
I had to quit flying. I am a survivor of sexual assault with PTSD who was suffering severe anxiety attacks when the TSA started. Unless and until people stand up for my right to fly without any implied consent to sexual assault, I cannot do it. It is totally discriminatory against sexual assault survivors. The ONLY way to bring change is to force it with FRNs. If people stop flying, the airlines will bring an end to this.
I have a friend who is an aide to a quad. She told me about being hassled for most of an hour with idiotic requests like "lift your right leg." After being told he is a quad, he can't, the agent said to lift the left leg. They laughed about it, but if I were to have an anxiety attack in a airport, a tazing is the BEST outcome I could hope for.

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