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most people call it

parenting. By your argument we should not teach kids anything because kids are to young to think for themselves, heck they might not like it when they get older. I personally dont think its right to force kids to take baths or make them eat anything but ice cream, because if you make them take baths when they grow up they will resent it and never take baths, and if you feed them anything but ice cream they will grow up resent it and only eat ice cream. So parents please do not do what you feel is best for your kids because its bad bad. Sarcasm ended.

What if its true that God watches everybody 24/7 and that if you do not accept his gift of salvation you will receive the judgement he tried to pay for you on Calvary? If its true is it wrong to tell someone the truth?

God did command people to tell them about him, see the last chapter in mathew, mark, luke, and john. God uses the foolishness of preaching to show people Himself.

I know a lot of people who did not grow up in church who came to Christ as an adult, who do not want their kids to go through a lot of the things they had to, who do not want their kids to make the same mistakes they made. And the very reason why they send their kids to church is because they want their kids to be better than they were.

Personally I accepted Christ as my savior when I was five. That was my decision, whether you believe me or not no adult was there to tell me what to do when I accepted him as my savior. It was just me and God. I am very grateful for what my parents taught me, and in truth because of that teaching I am grateful for a lot of sins I missed.