Comment: Self governance.

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Self governance.

If we do not learn to govern ourselves in full consciousness, we are surrendering our "natural rights" to another human. Agorism is a better model, the lifting of human consciousness must embrace true liberty.
As for me, I am becoming self reliant as quickly as I can and doing my best to teach others as I go. Aquaponics, permaculture, fodder feeding. The way to a man's personal liberty tends to be same path as to his heart - through his stomach.
If you insist on a leader, here is my best offer. I will be your queen. I'll be nice, I'm a pretty "mind your own business" kind of queen. You don't want me to rule over you? Well, that is how I feel about everyone else. If I generate a victim, that person can find local peers to bring me to justice. If I don't generate any victims, I expect to be left the hell alone.

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