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You misinterpreted what he

You misinterpreted what he was saying.

He meant kids should only be taught things that we know to be true. Facts, theories, laws etc. Not that Santa is going to give him coal for Christmas because he's been bad.
Things like baths are good in relation to hygiene, so your point is immediately irrelevant. Force obviously should be no part of a child's life but that is why he is saying you should be teaching the child to critically think about EVERYTHING for themselves. They will eventually understand why a bath is a good thing. They will eventually understand why eating ice cream is a bad thing.

What if its true Allah instead of the Christian God is the one that watches you 24/7? You are indoctrinating your child into the wrong religion then, aren't you?

Kids should not be told that Christianity, Islam, Hinduism etc are 100% truth because kids will believe it. You tell a kid Santa is real and he'll give you coal for Christmas whilst the rest of the kids in your class get loads of free gifts, he's sure as hell going to be as nice as possible for you. Obviously this is a good outcome, but your lying to your children. Its like Obama saying "Vote for me and I'll bring our troops out of the Middle East as soon as I'm in office". He's lying to get us to do something for him. You are lying to your child to get him/her to do something for you.