Comment: Kids are too young to be taught to love?

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Kids are too young to be taught to love?

I have withheld posting here because Christian bashing is beginning to hurt a little and I suppose that I am somewhat tired of it. I do not hate my Liberty Brothers and Sisters who believe differently from me, so why should hate be put on me and my way of raising the Children that God gave me?

I became new in Christ at age 7. I could not be more thankful that I belonged to Jesus all this time...I did not have children until I was nearly 40. I have sang them "Jesus Loves Me" almost all of the days of their 9 and 11 year old lives. They love one another, they love their "neighbors." They try to follow the golden rule and each one at his own time gave his heart to the Lord Jesus. They are not perfect, I am not perfect, but our Father in Heaven is Perfect and we are to try to be as He is.

A mind is a blank slate. Something will be written on it. I am thankful that the Word of God has been etched into mine and that it is being etched into theirs as well.

I am also a 5th and 6th grade Sunday School teacher. This is my 3rd year to teach. Right now I am teaching my students about prayer. Prayer is simply talking to God. Why would anyone not want children to learn to talk to God? God loves them. God created them. God cares about them, individually. What greater truth is there?

IMO, it is plain divisive, so that leads me to ask why? Why beat up on fellow Liberty Lovers? And especially why beat up on the message of love? I just listened to the video. The Teddy Bear is playing I Corinthians 13…love is patient, love is kind…

What is wrong with love?