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Some would say

that by labeling multiculturalism, evolution and godlessness as destructive and false, you are brainwashing people. Hopefully you don't spout that garbage around your kids!

Getting out of other peoples' business is what atheism is all about for many people. It's about stopping the oppression that a blind faith in what you're told (which goes against ALL PHYSICAL SCIENCE KNOWN TO MAN) is right and that you should do tons of ritualistic things because a mythical man in the sky who loves you so much he killed his son, might get mad and put you in a fiery pit to burn for all eternity.

If you want to live under this charade, you go right ahead. Just don't vote, don't push your wild claims to history on others and don't brainwash your offspring. Some of us hope the world will start to change for the better one day and that simply can't happen with religious egos influencing power centers.