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The thread I posted explaining my attending the CA GOP Spring convention. I asked the mods to close replies it because we had achieved the goal and I didn't want to go beyond what I was asking.

When I get back from the convention, I hope I will have heard back from those who sponsored me, and this would include snail mailed funds. I'll report what I spent money on, unless it's my own money that I don't expect my committee or the DP community to pay for, like my membership and office dues.

I have three pending payment on PayPal, so it may be that I did not reach my goal, but since I didn't ever expect anyone to help me, and Boy, does it make me feel humbled and determined, I'm so pleased by the support.. blown away and very grateful and impressed. Wow!

It's a high light of my life. Thank you for sharing that with me ((((dducky))))