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You who are criticizing

You who are criticizing everybody for everything should take a step back and think about what you're doing. Rand Paul appeals to tons of people who would not otherwise be backing a liberty candidate because he is tactful and careful about how he projects these views to the public.

It is easy to sit at home on a computer and criticize. Why don't you become a U.S. Senator? I've found that the people who criticize everybody for everything they do are typically the people who don't do anything themselves.

Stop being a blue-collar scholar and start working for change in your community and state. At the end of the day the number of obscure books you read on libertarian philosophy or economics don't mean squat unless you've taken that knowledge to fight the fight in the real world. Our organization here in Mississippi has gone from zero to 10,000 facebook likes in three months. We are causing all sorts of trouble at the capitol. We are rallying people to the cause of liberty in a state where Ron Paul got 4% of the vote.

The Liberty Movement has too many people constantly tearing each other apart. Reach out to the Tea Party in your area. Yes many of them are ignorant but many of them are waking up. If you don't like what Rand Paul is doing then do something yourself. It's not his job to do exactly what you want him to do. Maybe he has a reason for doing what he's doing. My grandfather loves Rand Paul and he's certainly no fan of Ron.

In a movement that claims to believe in personal liberty and personal responsibility there is certainly a lot of complaining that other people aren't doing enough. When you're pointing the finger at somebody else you've got three other fingers pointing back at you.

You are not powerless. Stop acting like you are. You can easily be a future state leader. Get involved with Campaign for Liberty in your state or start your own liberty organization like we did. Attend a FACL training. There are proven methods that will allow us to win. This isn't rocket science. You just have to get off your butt. We need fewer people in the stands and more people on the field.