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You base this on the falsity of morals coming from religion

They don't. Morals are nothing more than long-standing social lessons that have evolved into what is termed common knowledge. People think they are a given. People think they are passed down from the founders of society or even from some deity. People think they are carved in stone and immutable to change.

Sorry, but none of that is the case. Morals and their cousin ethics, are not where we get the golden rule. They come FROM the golden rule in that they are derived from this two sided coin.

On the first side is to do good to others so they'll do good to you. This is a great way for a society to live because it breeds happiness and charity.

On the flip side is don't do bad to others so they won't do bad to you. This is also a great thing to live by because it not only personalizes the harm being done, it places a social stigma on those who do bad inflicting peer pressure.

By teaching kids the golden rule as a social truism, not as a proven fact, the OP is simply saying that the kids will learn these two most basic building blocks of morality and will use them in their daily lives to collect any others that follow the same path. This is not a moral vacuum. It's a progression of layers laid on sound, reasoned foundations.

This is the basic rule being proposed by the OP and in no way does this relate to any religion. In light of this, your last sentence now sounds like the old days of claiming heresy for certain acts. Wow, it's just amazing this is so easily missed in society, "Even a hedonist or heretic tries to teach GOD'S morals to their kids."