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Comment: Glenn Beck, Tea Party Shepard, will flock his sheep into GOP

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Glenn Beck, Tea Party Shepard, will flock his sheep into GOP

This is what Phil Donahue did to those "radical leftists" each and every time..... and this is what Glenn Beck will do too.

Glenn likes to pretend he doesn't know what it takes to "be" a libertarian. Israel and the War on Terror are his achilles heel, the dead give away, the reasoning that is so poor and un-Libertarian that "outs him" each and every time.

Even if you came down on the side of Israel right to defend itself, you do not, as a libertarian, allow Israel off the hook when it comes to war crimes, launching wars, 'preemptive' invasions, property theft of farms and land CLEARLY owned by Palestinians and being the biggest USA welfare/warfare aid recipient of all time. You just don't.

I often wonder for all the money the USA has sent to Israel for arms and aid if we had just instead paid each and every Palestinian to move to the USA, what would have happened. Or, not allow Jewish Americans to hold "dual citizenship" what would have happened. Or, not allowed Israel ANY foreign aid, military or otherwise. There must be a thousand ways that we Americans can STEP back and leave Israel on its own. It reminds me of the Ringer "Full Employment Theory: Take away welfare and people will find work, sure as hell."

We need a "Israeli/Palestinian Peace Plan Theory: Take away ALL foreign aid, and people will find peace, sure as hell."

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