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the bath thing

is called sarcasm. I even said it was sarcasm and you still missed it.

Furthermore if any other religion is true I am okay. Every other religion on the planet is by good works. If allah is god, then I am good, if the jehovah witnesses are right, I am good, if the hindus are right I am good. but if the Bible is right and Jesus is the only way to heaven then they are all in trouble and need to be told the truth.

As a kid I did not believe in santa and did not know other kids believed santa was real until third grade. My parents did not believe in santa so they did not teach me he was real they did not think lying to their kids was cute. As a kid I believed and still do believe that Jesus is the Son of God, that Jesus is the only way to heaven, and my parents believed that too. So comparing Jesus to santa clause is a pretty bad argument since I do not believe in santa but I believe completely in Jesus.

Really by your argument we should not teach anybody science because their is science and then their is star wars because star wars exist no one should learn about science because they could confuse the two.