Comment: Never try to time anything

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Never try to time anything

Never try to time anything unless you have insider information, just look at the fundamentals, and be prepared.

Its a confidence game. The economy will collapse when people realize that the banks can't save them, the fed can't save them and the president can't save them. When will this happen? I'm not convinced its a good use of energy to speculate on when others will choose to see the light or when the light will be forced into their face.

It goes down when people realize the dollar is dead. Some will wake up sooner, others later. But when will other people do things? When will a mass of society do things? I think it is impossible to predict how or when other humans and market manipulators will act, so I don't even try to toss out speculative dates that will only be thrown back in my face with ridicule when that date passes by a la 12/21, the rapture, the raputre2 etc.