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I got the sarcasm but you

I got the sarcasm but you used it to back up your main point, which you formed out of misrepresenting the OP's views. What is it with people who are being sarcastic seem to think they're the only one who gets it? Its like you use it just so you can go "HAHAHAHA I WAS BEING SARCASTIC YOU ARE SUCH A FOOL FOR DISAGREEING!!!"

The Santa example was just that; an example. You can even substitute the ethics of liberty in place of Santa, and it would still be a forced viewpoint on to the child. There is no critical thinking involved, they just accept it without question. Isn't this the same thing we were trying to show the GOP this has been their downfall? They foolishly believed what they were told without critically questioning their own viewpoints. Teaching a child Christianity, Islam etc are true without giving them the resources and time to critically question whether one is true or none of them are true is just like Fox News airhead calling Ron Paul an isolationist, and their viewers going "Yeah! What an idiot!" without actually questioning the statement. That airhead may believe wholeheartedly Paul is an isolationist, but they are ultimately wrong and their viewers who also take that stand are now also wrong.

Do you not see the problems in this?

Give the child the knowledge in how to think for themselves. And then let them.
I would have not reached this website had it not have been for my own critical thinking.