Comment: Your gut is correct.

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Your gut is correct.

It's a deliberate set-up. (There are some people "in the know" who have spoken / written / done interviews about it. Of course no MSM.)

Simply put, 401Ks were created to get more money into the market for the government to borrow and/or to fund bonds and to fluff corporate pockets. Yet another unholy corporate-government alliance. And, yes, they will be sucked dry in one way or another.

Just like the manufactured mortgage crisis being set into motion in large part by Graham-Leach-Bliley and its deregs in '99 (undoing Glass-Steagall of '54, I think) which led to all sorts of whacked-out loan products (esp. balloon subprimes--a lot like the earlier balloon-styles and speculation which blew up in the 1920s and led to Foreclosureville, USA), too big to fail, and the Bailout Robberies of 2008, '09, '10', etc....

These parasites are clever: they'll rob us all 10 X over if they can get away with it... and thus far, they have.

Get OUT of 401Ks if you have the freedom to do so (and that won't last long when the PTB smell people beginning to jump ship in earnest).

What would the Founders do?