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Using R.I.C.O. and more

I know RICO has been effective for prosecuting organized crime. And there's compelling evidence implicating bipartisan leaders and CEO's in financial crimes, which are commercial in nature. Not to mention, as Ellsberg said, the "systematic attack on the Constitution." Another legal option for holding public officials accountable is mail fraud and "honest services" statutes.

As for getting the ball rolling, I think the first priority is educating fellow citizens who've yet to wake up. And not unlike the Daily Paul, Thomas Paine took it upon himself to publish "Common Sense" and light fires in the minds of men. It's important to remember that one person can make a difference. The Bible and history books are full of stories about lone voices crying in the wilderness who ultimately played a big role in waking people up.

If I were to make a list of things to do it would be:

1) Educate ourselves and fellow citizens.

2) Prioritize. In my opinion, restoring the rule of law is job one.

3) Communicate with law enofrcement and citizens about violations of law that have the broadest appeal. I think there are many glaring examples of treason but prosecuting financial crimes appeals to most people on the left and right.

4) Organize. Form grass roots organizations with your friends, neighbors, business associates etc., that focus on disseminating info to community groups, media, law enforcement and elected officials.

5) Never give up, even if there appears to be no chance of winning in our lifetime. Future generations may be inspired by our work and carry on the fight. In sports we teach atheletes to compete even when the game appears to be lost, and our individual liberties are far more important than the outcome of a game. (Rand Paul: One person can make a difference) (Fast and Furious hearing)