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No, you're putting context in there that shouldn't be

The first is clearly done saying what the bad guys said. It's also not speaking of what the good guys are wishing. It IS, however, what God will/would do. How is this supposed 'divine' and all-knowing deity justifying his vengeance while trying to teach his followers not to do the same. Is it right or wrong to exact revenge? Can't have it both ways.

You honestly think that some out of your norm young people should receive such a fate because they dare to go against the standard of the day? Get this if you have to read it a dozen times: NEARLY EVERY GREAT SCIENTIFIC ACHIEVEMENT IN HISTORY WAS DONE BY SUCH A REBELLIOUS OR NON-CONFORMANT PERSON. Just who do you think you are? Oh, that's right. You're backed up by a blessed old book and a billion other sheep so it's ok. Tell that to the millions who died at the hands of the church both in past and future and see how they react. This is what ticks me off so much about religious people saying we should just leave them alone. It only takes a few people to become a Hitler, Stalin or McCarthy and the world can drastically suffer needlessly.