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My brother, please know that

My brother, please know that being popular means nothing to me, I merely am trying to increase my 'belief' in God, I may not have 'written' it correctly. But all I was feeling was "Rejoice!"--not in me, but in the Lord Jesus Christ! For I finally believe!

I merely wanted to share my recognition of a few things that I still don't nor do I know that I will ever completely understand, nor is it important for me to 'know' everything. I was trying to make 'sense' of it, but the bottom line is that I realized I have been disobeying my Fathers law- which supremely is to love! I have been thinking I know what love is! I know some of what love is, but I know so little! Some of which I have called love is not love!

But now I am going to study the words of my teacher Jesus Christ, for I believe he was the begotten Son of God, and he came to explain his Father's law to me, and for that I praise His name! He died for me! The Son of God was crucified so that my crimes against my Fathers law could be forgiven? I am so unworthy, what a merciful God!

I will grow my faith in my Father now, I have always had some of it, but oh so very little, and now I have just a tiny bit more! I need to continue to cast out all of this doubt and put my FAITH in GOD. I have always believed, but to what degree?

What was the question the serpent first asked of Eve? "Did God really say...?" -- "Do you really believe he said..?" --- and she was convinced, because she had doubted God! Shame on me for doubting him! How could I ever! I am now only trying to love my Father will all my myself and to thank him! to Praise his Son, and love each and everyone of my brothers. I knew this commandment in my heart to be true, but I have been faltering, for I know so little of Love. but I want to learn more! Because it is what my Father has commanded me to do!

I do not expect that this will be easy, nor humanly possible, but through God anything is possible.

I am a sheep and NOW Jesus is my shepherd. Yes, I will follow him!