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Comment: You have NO IDEA what you're talking about Anarchist.

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You have NO IDEA what you're talking about Anarchist.

"Putting aside that liberty and politics are mutually exclusive"

Anarchists are WORTHLESS to liberty, because defending a persons liberty is called serving justice, and as Ron Paul told you, the only legitimate purpose of government is to defend liberty; to serve justice. Serving justice is NOT about ruling people through force, it's about opposing those who would. It's about opposing the principle of master and servant. Justice is about equality, not about being ruled.

"Freedom, liberty, and their common defense."

Injustice does not come from government. It comes from our covetous nature. What you want is Anarchy, and in a world filled with covetous people, what you'll get is a world filled with injustice. People gang up on each other to take what they covet and there's NOTHING an Anarchist can do to stop that, and since you won't lift a finger to oppose injustice, you are in fact WORTHLESS to liberty.

You're eventually going to have to serve justice. Anarchists are mostly just liars and frauds who unjustly want to destroy what isn't theirs to destroy. They'll need to win the debate, but since they say things like "liberty and politics are mutually exclusive", they've lost before the fights even begun.

If you want to try destroy something, get off your lazy Anarchist ass, pick up your gun and do it yourself. Stop trying to use people. Just remember, when you try, you will face justice.