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It seems I mistook your use of the word "even"

as implying that you meant religious morals. For that part, I stand corrected.

As to the other point, I'll use a comparative illustration. Was it wrong for the German's to teach their kids to support Hitler in the days leading up to and prior to his atrocities? Skipping the unequal comparisons of the evil behind it, I'm asking about the question itself. If half of society has opened their eyes to a certain tyranny, should they allow the other half to continue to preach said tyranny just because they think they're right? Obviously, that's the extreme of the question here.

What the answer is is very tough. I don't have the solution but I know it's wrong to teach kids that Hitler is a great guy because he's standing up for "us" and "our country". I don't care which side he's on, blind faith (aka indoctrinated from youth) is flat out wrong.

Regarding the golden rule being an equal belief and subject to the same standards, I don't agree. I don't know of any society (short of the Zionist/Rothschilds/Bilderbergs) that don't believe in it. It may not be traceable to fact but it is universal at it's core.