Comment: I have work too.

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I have work too.

The point is: If I dictate, and monopolize, the things said, then I am a hypocrite. Did you not send me links to scripture concerning warnings about hypocrites?

The concept of leadership, doing the right thing, thinking the right things, saying the right things, and acting the right actions out, is not a human power alone, as if one human is a God among humans, it is a negotiated power, a finding out process, and it is impeded, set off on tangents, by deception.

I don't think that your tangents impede the path that our discussions take, and my statement concerned more of the power I have to convey what is the right things to think, say, and do, an less a demand to somehow get that power by some form of deception, or threat, or any other means other than earning it.

When discussing matter with Gold bugs, what do I learn?

I do not learn what they think is idea money. Their tongues tie up, then they go off in tangents.

If you do not focus on the meaning of Public, as if there is no way for you to explain exactly what you mean when you use the word Public, then that is like, or similar to, a Gold Bug that is unable to tell me what ideal money is as far as they know.

What does that tell me?

I don't know.

I can ask, and I can guess.

What is the meaning of the word Public?

If we both focus on that, then we both agree to focus on that, and then maybe we can both find out what you mean by that, and we may even discover, with our combined focused effort, what that is, in fact.

So far as I can tell the word Public is a complete fabrication of lies.