Comment: You really might want to rethink everything you just said.

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You really might want to rethink everything you just said.

You just named off the MOST religious countries as examples that have rejected religion. You connected the social activity to the bankers who really run the show - there should be virtually no connection there. You blanket'edly stated that all atheists have no reason not to 'go out with a bang' and 'take out everyone they can with them'.

You then make no distinction of which is worse (as if one was) between bad and evil. To most people they are the same with varying connotations attached.

Then you call people to stand in war against some un-named evil or devil. This is most tragic, IMHO, because now all someone needs to do is to promote things like "Islamists are evil" or "Iran is evil" and those people now must follow you to battle to eradicate a group of people whom have done nothing bad at all. For shame.

My guess is that you don't even see how this has and will lead to wars (or at least the support of them).

As to this being such horrible times of poverty and perversion, maybe you should research that a little more as well. This era is by far the least perverted one in all of history. It may not seem as such because we get instant global news now but it has fallen at faster rates all the time, in proportion to education. Funny thing is that also in proportion to education is the claim of atheism. Just because you think things are so much worse, doesn't mean you can claim so without backing it up. Oh, and productivity also rises DRAMATICALLY with atheism and education, both historically and globally.