Comment: Interesting times ahead

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Interesting times ahead

At under 30/oz I'll get 25 more silver ounces in 10 days.

If at under 25/oz I'll get 40 more ounces.

If at under 20/oz I'll get 50 more ounces.

I'll think about converting 33% of my silver into some gold when the gold/silver ratio drops below 30.

I know the latter isn't going to happen tomorrow, but I also don't think we have many more years to wait before silver becomes practically unaffordable in fiat currencies - at least for 95% or more of the population, anyway.

We are lucky if we can continue to save any significantly in PMs for 2 more years. The turn at 2013 to 2014 or 2014 to 2015 promises to be interesting to live - problem-solving-wise.

Expect the pace of removal of our freedoms by the state and its administrations to continue accelerate, too.

As simple as that.

I wish you all folks to stay safe.

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