Comment: they have good reason to question people like

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they have good reason to question people like

Beck. He was instrumental in the Tea Party co-opt as we all know. However I do agree with you. Many folks on here probably used to be neocons themselves. Myself, I actually was a socialist after college and between working in the real world and Dr Paul's teachings have made the conversion. So I think we should use Beck, not because we like him, but because it gives us a better chance to reach his audience. And it does appear that they do at least want to meet at the constitution. And that is good start. Things will not change over night.

I do believe it is a big step for him to say he is done with the GOP and to do so on FOX of all channels. This should count for something.

Again not saying we should trust him or let our guard down. But I think not calling him names and going out of our way to bomb his inbox at every turn is a step in the right direction to possibly getting him to come our way more. Besides, the negativity is unproductive.