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The Ambiguity of Life

I agree with you.

But that does not mean that I trust Beck. Of course I don't trust him. I would be a fool to trust him. Anybody who trusts him is a fool. The list is just too long. How he has treated, for example, Ron Paul or Debra Medina is enough for me to know that never trust the dude. Just a week ago how he was ripping RP for his Tweet was absolutely stupid.

But at the same time he has a lot of followers and even in DP there are people who found Liberty Movement through Beck or at least in some way their path to liberty was inspired by Beck. And as he also talks, or at least has talked, about Hayek, gives 25 minute interview to Judge Napolitano, praises Rand Paul, says he is all the time becoming more and more libertarian, etc. is great. When he says these things and other good things some people of his listeners will start their own research: maybe they google 'libertarianism', 'hayek', 'ron paul', or whatever. He has even said a lot of good things about Ron Paul, but then he has of course flip flopped them later, but even that might be a good thing; who knows. Maybe some people's eyes will open for Beck's lies when he flip flops.

It's better that Beck says and does some good things than if he did only bad things. For example, who knows how many people youtubed Judge after this 25 minute interview and found fantastic Freedom Watch clips from youtube. Be happy for all the good stuff Beck says and other than that just show the finger to him and even while showing the finger to him at least listen what he is saying, because that will tell us from which direction the winds/farts of his puppet-masters are blowing.

"Air is the very substance of our freedom, the substance of superhuman joy....aerial joy is freedom."--Gaston Bachelard--