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That's two separate questions

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To provide light for humans or animals to see by, this is fine. Our eyes have a persistence that completely missed the fact that these bulbs are off most of the time. We simply don't care.

To grow plants however, you need a total lumen count to reach the plant for photosynthesis. Plants use that in a 1% efficient process to convert it to various forms of energy. So, you can see that being off for 70% of the time pushes only 30% of the lumens (photons) to the growth process.

However, there is a light at the end of your tunnel. The reason plants are predominantly green is that they reject this color. They simply don't need it to grow. In fact, they only use 3 distinct colors (some studies claim a 4th but I disagree). The colors are Deep Red, Orangish Red and Royal Blue. In spec terms, this is 430 nm, 610 nm and 660 nm. By limiting what you give them to just these colors, you can nearly triple your 'growth' per watt of electricity used. Just look for LED grow lights and you'll find a ton of 'em. Most are limited to 100 watts which produces the growth traditionally had from 400-500 watts. I am using 104 watts and had great luck when I was using it. Hopefully the price will drop because I had almost $450 invested in just LEDs and current limiting circuits but I have never even bothered to shut them off in the year the system has been dormant. I don't even notice the power use.

EMI is a very controversial issue. Most scientists 'know' that we are bombarded with it all our lives on this planet. Others claim that man made stuff is worse because it's more concentrated. I'm doubtful because it's really nothing more than radio waves and that's never been correlated to cancer in the least. If it were true, I would think that hospital personnel would show it first because they receive the most at 2,000 times ambient. Those near power big power lines come in at 500 times. Radio stations and nearby residents come in at 150 times ambient. Operating a functional microwave oven produces leaks of around 30-50 times what you get from ambient space. Wireless phones, satellite signals (from the bird down which you can't avoid) and cell phones all come in around 10-20 times ambient. WiFi routers are also around 5-30 times. Switching power supplies, CFLs and fluorescent lights come in around 3-5 times ambient. Smart meters round out the big bad fears at maybe 2-4 times ambient. Personally, I don't think the plants will be harmed in any way.