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I got your points

on derivatives and A credit default swap is not the same type of derivative as an Interest rate swap or currency swap......sorry they are just not the same. A credit default swap was a disguised insurance product and should have been regulated by the State's Insurance Regulator. But to claim the risk is the same for "interest rates & currency" swaps is ignorance of the products, plain and simple.

I have read some of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission and found it to be no more of a credible source then the Warren Commission on the Kennedy Assassination. You don't believe in Arlen Specter Magic Bullet Theory do you? Come on do you know the government is lying to you.....Because their lips are moving.

As far as "where I am getting my information from" here is a link to an article from the New York Times on a , like I said, April 28 2004 SEC meeting about the "changing of net capital rules" Although the article states that the "investment banks requested" the change in Net Capital someone who knows......An investment bank would have never made such a request, because it signals to the market that "IT NEEDS" a change in the Net Capital Rules......and that signal would have been a death nail to ANY investment bank, esp.…… one that is highly leveraged. A little mosaic theory would tell you "WHAT" was going on at the I said “FANNIE AND FREDDIE'S accounting scandal" and the worry of bailing them out. So who had the "STREET CRED" to call all the investment banks in and push them to "leverage up even more and push the change in NET CAPITAL RULES ON THEM.....the USG and this version is verified in the movie" INSIDE JOB"......But I came up with it first once I read that article in 2004. Just like I am the only one you will hear about blaming the 2008 financial crisis on the repeal of the dis-intermediation laws during the financial de-regulation in the early 1980's. You cannot deregulate a CARTEL…….ie the Federal Reserve System. It is an oxymoron to de-regulate inside a cartel.

"Before we can ever ask how things might go wrong; we must first explain how they could ever go right"