Comment: Education is the other issue

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Education is the other issue

For about a decade, Ca had the highest quality educational content standards in the nation. I was part of the review committee for math textbooks in the 2001 adoption. The effort at the time was completely without regard to politics. Rep Steve Baldwin (R) led the effort, while the standards were put in place by a democratic governor. Arnold was not a friend of the standards and put political cronies on the state board instead of people who knew what the battle was about. Governor Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown is a complete disaster and has replaced the standards with the "common core" standards from the feds. This is why there was a thread on this website lately about algebra.

This is a pretty good reference website outlining the "math wars" that led to the state standards:

The nationalized standards are displacing content standards across the nation. They are very very weak compared to what was in place in a few states.

The math wars had shifted to New York: (Elizabeth Carson is a friend)

Now it seems Ca may be ripe for a renewed battle.

It's a good issue for Repubs now since the Dems have gone down the dark road. A main issue is simply getting the right people in place on the state board.

I'm very familiar with this history.