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Nonsense. Tesla coils need a

Nonsense. Tesla coils need a source of energy just like any other electrical device. Small ones are typically plugged into the wall, where the ultimate source of energy is burning coal or natural gas, or hydroelectric, or nuclear.

Yes, the Earth is a giant magnet. But you can't extract energy from a magnet, however much "free energy" enthusiasts dream about it. Many energy producers, such as generators, use magnets to convert one form of energy to another (e.g., mechanical to electrical) but the magnets themselves don't provide the energy.

Tesla's grand scheme to transmit electrical power through the air didn't fail because of an evil banker conspiracy. It failed because it was a nutty idea. Tesla created some ingenious inventions, but he also had a few nutty ideas, and this was the nuttiest. First, the extremely high electrical fields that would have to be produced would be a health hazard. Second, it is very inefficient -- it is far more efficient just to send electrical power through a wire, rather than spread it around willy nilly in all directions, where most of it would be lost. Third, it would in no way be free -- you need a source of energy to power the tesla coil, and that costs money.