Comment: Take your biased diatribe elsewhere

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Take your biased diatribe elsewhere

You know very well what productivity I'm referring to. Basically everything you DIDN'T list. Manufacturing, scientific achievements and all things related.

Show me a source that the US has 70 million abortions so far this year. I call total BS! That's almost 1 per family. I don't believe anywhere near that even for YOY (year over year), not to mention that YTD means the last 50 DAYS.

Name any great scientist who achieved success in learning something completely new and I'll show you how religion has hindered, jailed or otherwise just chastised them.

100 million deaths not due to religion? Really? This is mostly due to the churches of those countries. Russia not religious? HA That is blindness talking. They're much more devout than the US. China? Puh-lease. It sure may be the devilish acts but that doesn't mean it's not the churches behind it.

Read any on the pope, Vatican, Zionists and the Palestinians lately? You seem to be making my case.