Comment: I don't believe it made any difference.

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I don't believe it made any difference.

When Ginsberg came to our District Caucus in May and interfered with the National Delegate Process, I figured something was up.

At Michigan State Convention, the Secretary of State gave a troubling report about voter registration rolls. Preliminary studies showed some individuals with active registrations in several states.

What was demonstrated is that the Two Party cartel has monopoly control of the Election process. In short the political process is broken and agendas are delivered from the masters to the grassroots.

C4L has tried to be a top-down organization. The process began with conversion from meet-up groups. The training provided by the campaign was top down and the transition to C4L only intensified that approach by blacklisting, wink wink.

C4L, by the start of 2012 was GOPlite. All the control from the top, same contempt for the grassroots.

Well. What the heck. There is still a message to spread. When a majority come to crave liberty, the tables will turn.

Over the past couple of decades about half of the eligible voters withheld consent for government.

Free includes debt-free!