Comment: Thanks for the thoughtful post!

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Thanks for the thoughtful post!

I caught wind of it in one of your comments from today. I too have been stuck on the concept of jobs...I mean, why they heck do so many people think a job is end.

A job is a means to a end. It's not the end.

I've been wanting to do an in depth research paper on this topic of jobs, and as you point out, the misallocation and reallocation of resources, and how technology plays into this.

To answer your questions directly:

What jobs are left today?

The desk and bureaucratic jobs are still here as people cannot see the opportunity costs of these government jobs. Every gov't job is a private job that never was, is savings spent , is investments squandered and misallocated, among other things. An opportunity cost of war is less entrepreneurs, less musicians, less doctors, as human capital and ingenuity is also misallocated.

What jobs will always be?

No job is safe with least, that's the idea isn't it?!

I agree with you that people will work less, but not out of requirement, but rather out of choice, or lack of need. That is what should happen in a free market with stable money and real wealth creation. We shouldn't be working more now, we should be working less....this theft of wealth is through monetary inflation.

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!