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When I ask my kids what they want (context of a job), they say they want a good job. I ask why and they say they want lots of money for little work. I say why do you want to work? 'to make money' Why do you want money? 'to buy things like a CD player' (this was a decade ago) Why do you want a CD player? 'to play CDs' Why do you want to play CDs? 'to hear the music' That you also have to buy? 'yes' Hmmm, why can't you just listen to the music from the computer? It's free (sharing was still sorta free and easy-ish) and you can get all the music you want for less work. 'ah-ha'

You really should check out the rest of my posts (the last 8) because a couple of them outline exactly how to get this done.