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a 'worker' is this context is

a 'worker' is this context is certainly not an individual. It is a collective of workers (plural) who use their collective to force certain conditions upon everyone else whether they agree with them or not. They are not ruling themselves. They are setting the stage for tyranny. They are just too stupid to realize it.

The propaganda of the Soviet Union was that of the worker. If you knew your history you would understand this.

You have continued to argue the point that a democratically elected 'commune' or a communist system is ok as long as the people vote for it. And I have been arguing that not everyone ever agrees on everything and inevitably that system is tantamount to tyranny to those who do not wish to live in the 'commune'. That is the point that you don't seem to understand.

A Republic is about the protection and preservation of the minority on any given issue. A democracy is majority rule which always leads to a privileged ruling class. This is what we have today in the United States.

Democracy is not the only form of tyranny. However, democracy always leads to tyranny. Democracy is nothing more than two wolves and one sheep voting on what's for dinner. A Republic is when you arm the sheep. (I think Franklin said that)

How is it that after five years here, you do not understand this very simple concept?