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I am sorry. You did not say

I am sorry. You did not say he was the greatest, that was my mistake. is a great website to search and "The Creature from Jeckyll Island" is a great book with information about the 2nd Bank of the United States and the events surrounding its charter not being renewed.

Who can really know why anyone does anything? You can't know exactly. (Bush might have had a vision from God telling him to invade Iraq, but no one could ever know for sure). But people observe how people act when they do things, what they say, etc. Jackson was a very prideful man, with a hot temper. According to G. Edward Griffin's book, he stormed around the White House during the ordeal angrily mumbling "a den of vipers" under his breath. That leads me to believe he was angry and wanted to end it out of spite, and again, not because he was a believer in the natural economic law of sound money.

Jackson was, however, quite the character.