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"Republicans, once critical of Obama's birth certificate

now have their own birth certificate issue to deal with. The bubble headed bleach blonde has more details:"

"That's right, Kathy. Residents here don't seem to have a problem with it. We talked to a few outside the local Walmart."

Cut to a man outside of WalMart:

Man: "He's not a what?

Reporter Kathy: "Not a 'natural born citizen.'

Man: "What does that mean - natural born citizen? Is he a citizen?"

Reporter Kathy: "He's a citizen, but not a natur --

Man: "Hold up, hold up. If he's a citizen, then that's cool. Don't matter who his parents are. There is equality of opportunity in America."

Reporter Kathy: And there you have it. Rubio's 'birth certificate issue' does not look like it will have a major impact on this election either.

Back to you.

He's the man.