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Just a heads up

Doctors believe that patients who write letters like these are crazy. I know you're trying to be straightforward, but he's already got a picture in his mind of "people like you." i.e. the non-vaccinators.

So just don't expect anything back except for, "Our studies show vaccines are perfectly safe, and there are some risks. But we believe that the risks are worth taking for the benefit of all of society. Blah blah blah."

Sorry. Hope I'm not a debbie downer.

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Other than that, you might try to soften it up at the beginning - say something nice. Like, "Thank you for your care over the past x months," rather than come out guns-a-blazing like this is the Holy Inquisition.

Otherwise, good info. Thank you for sharing it with us. Please keep us updated with what happens next. Many here, including myself, would be interested to know how things turn out.

Finally, best of luck with the new addition to the family!!!

He's the man.