Comment: I personally wouldn't touch

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I personally wouldn't touch

I personally wouldn't touch Canola oil...but on the bigger subject, I used to know someone who was practicing to become a doctor. Lawyers learn the art of billing their clients, and doctors learn the art of prescribing pharmaceutical drugs and, "treating," their patients problems instead of actually curing them.

Basic nutrition is no longer taught in medical schools. I guess only dieticians should have any concern with our health as related to our diets. But who ever goes to see a dietician? Does healthcare insurance even cover going to see a RD, instead of an MD?

Probably not....I don't think Medicare would even cover a visit to a registered dietician.

The lawyers, the doctors, the pharmaceutical companies, and the politicians would lose way too much money.

Just like marijuana prohibition, they want to make healthy food scarce, and expensive.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.