Comment: Persistence

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It wasn't until about three years ago that I first saw any information whatsoever regarding the lies behind 911. It was when downloading Spiderman 2, the movie file was instead the movie called Loose Change. I did my research and am now 100% convinced.

It has been a struggle to convince those closest to me. Well, my GF, no problem...she was willing to view information and it was through seeing such information that she understands. My mother does not argue that there is something fishy about 911, but she is old, and has had a lifetime of brainwashing from media programming. She cannot put two and two together, voted for Obama, and just refuses to talk about politics.

My father in Alaska, lives in a very small town that doesn't get fast enough internet to watch videos online. He and his cohorts around town are hardcore muslim hating, bush loving Fox news viewers. With regards to spreading the truth to him, it has gone from the first time I suggested that 911 was an inside job, he yelled "That's traitorous!" and heard the phone smash as the call ended. Well, some three years later he's listening and agreeing on some level, but still at some point can't break through all the lies he's been sold and is still being sold by watching television. But there has been considerable process and seeds planted are blooming.